‘Why does Africa churn graduates, but unemployment is rising?

*JGO Becomes The Greatest Job Creator in Africa*

Is it because there is no work for them?


There is work.

There is work for graduates of polytechnics and vocational institutions.

Plumbing jobs.

Electrical wiring jobs.

Vehicle repair jobs.

Dog walking and pet care?

There are jobs in people whose muscles need stretching.

However, the challenge is the title of the graduates do not match the jobs available

The graduates have the skills.

But their title is standing on their way to getting a job.

Their title is bachelor of business administration.

The skill is sales.

The job available is sales.

Their title is bachelors in accounting.

Their skill is book keeping.

The job available is book keeping.

Their title is clinical officers, or nurses.

The skill is muscle stretching.

The job available is stretching muscles.

This is what JGO app solves.

JGO offers the graguate, and non graduates with skills, an opportunity to market themselves based on the problem they can solve.

Not the title of their degree.

Through this approach, we can create jobs for all youth in Africa.

We are in all 54 countries, in both android and apple store.

Join us today.

Sell your skill.

Earn extra income.

We are going to universities, radio stations, tv stations, churches, mosques, talking to the unemployed, helping them learn how to sell their skills. There is no one in this world who has nothing to offer. Even dog walking, being a maid, or slashing a compound, are skills.

If someone tells you they need a job, be kind, send them JGO App download link below.



For those not sure how to sell their titles, their skills, contact Contact us at, or join our WhatsApp group at

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