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In Africa, the below are why people go online:

1. Political news 2. Following celebrities 3. Real estate shopping ,(rentals, shared houses, like airbnb) 4. Phone repair 5. Buying clothes. 6. Shoes. 7. Electronics. 8. Land & house search. 9. Lady accessories, hair, make up, wigs, perfume, etc. 10. Cars 11. Home appliances, chairs, tables, carpets, fridges, microwaves, etc. 12. Shopping food. 13. Ordering fast food. 14. Ride hailing. 16. Hiring equipment. 17. Looking for professionals, like dog walkers, cleaners, carpenters, electricians, maids, pedicure, massage, physiotherapists, etc. 18. Dating 19. looking for capital for deals, business. 20. looking to watch entertaining content, or play games.

How JGO we makes it easy for sellers to post their products and for buyers to find them on JGO app.

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