Tanzania Get New SuperApp

A new mobile application, JGO SuperApp aimed at easing access to taxi services has been launched on the Tanzania market.

JGO super app is an application owned by Africans, and in all the 54 african coutries. It is the only such application that promotes fluof connectivity across borders.

The application, known as JGO SuperApp, which will be accessed via Google Play store on Android systems, was unveiled during a colourful event held in Dar Es Salaam on Wednesday evening.

JGO SuperApp Chairman, Shadric Nchindu Siabuluba, said JGO SuperApp is a smart phone app which provides on-demand service to users.

Drivers love us because we also offer them loans to repair their cars, for airtime, data, car service, insurance, and other driver needs.

Nchindu Siabuluba said JGO SuperApp connects willing passengers to taxi cab drivers.

“Taxi drivers use their own cars when providing taxi service and JGO SuperApp gets a commission from the fare. The total process is very simple, only requiring a registered JGO SuperApp user to ask for a taxi using the JGO SuperApp app. An JGO SuperApp driver is then dispatched to the passenger’s location and takes the client to their destination.

“Cash, mobile money or a passenger’s credit card is used as the payment method. Meantime, only the cash option is available,” Nchindu Siabuluba said.

He said the app targets virtually everyone, including people who go to shops, clubs, parties, hospitals, students, business travelers and tourists.

“No need to walk a distance to board a taxi. No need to wait for a taxi for long times. Passenger security is assured as the identity of the driver is known.

“The application also offers free rides on certain occasions and discounts from time to time,” Nchindu Siabuluba said.

Drivers like it because it is cheaper than Uber or Bolt, which take upto 20% commission, while JGO SuperApp takes only 10%.

He said drivers registered on the application will be assured of additional source of income as well as flexible working schedules.

“Drivers can work part time or simply whenever they like. In addition it offers easy payment procedures. Those who love to drive can earn money while pursuing their hobby.

Nchindu Siabuluba said people across the world have been using similar applications to ease their travel saying time has come for Malawi to be at par with the rest of the world.

“You can’t fight change- you can only sing along with it. You cannot resist JGO SuperApp,” he said.

Dar Es Salaam City Deputy Mayor, hailed JGO SuperApp for the innovation.

Makwinja said the application would help boost tourism in the city as it provides guaranteed safety to passengers

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