* How Is JGO Different From Other Ride Hailing Companies?*

*$* you can self register as driver online. No need to come to office, and then, suffer corrupt practices of employees telling you to pay to make your approval quicker.

*$* JGO is all over Africa, so, a big company, not just in Zambia, and not just in a few Zambian cities.

*$* You also get to acquire assets on pay slow more, including smart phone, car, motor bikes, tuktuks, data, airtime, car repairs, insurance for medical, insurance for car, fitness test pricing, servicing costs.

*$* Our drivers have opportunity to become shareholders by purchasing a share at K. 2,000 in JGO, and benefit from profits/dividends the company makes. Wouldn’t you also want to be an owner of a ride hailing company?

*$* Our app is a super app, offering over 65 services, not just one service of ride hailing. You can get call a nurse, carpenter, tutor, massage therapist, shop, sell, buy, deliver items, and other items.

*$* Join us today. Download our user driver app here:



*$* For any inquires send us an email at or join our WhatsApp group at

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