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JGo City Agent


JGo has grown through the entire African continent, and continues to grow deeper into each city through our city agents. Become a City Agent today in the over 1,619 cities in the continent.  

Become A City Agent Today

Contact us today at, to lknow about the cost, and the benefits, of being a JGO City Agent.

Your Roles As City Agent

  • To recruit service providers, shop owners, and riders, to the platform.

  • To recruit users to the JGo® platform.

  • To recruit joint venture partners to invest in assets, (Cars, scooters, bodabodas and tuktuks, smart phones, solar systems for water heating, lighting, pumping, etc);

  • To attend company sales meetings.

  • Meet company monthly sales targets;

  • To work within physical geographical boundaries/market territory.

  • To work within any area, online, and target clients or potential clients globally.

  • To recruit sub-agents in any geographical area, including the agent’s geographical area.

  • To pay agency fees per city, as per number of city residents: